Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review of Skekzi's EP "Sick"

     I started listening to this CD to write my review, but when one is mesmerized to the point of staring into space, the note taking isn't done quite as, this took a few days!

     Skekzi, formerly System Slave, features Jeremy on vocals, Chad on lead guitar and synth programming, David on rhythm guitar, Andrew on bass, and Justin, formerly of XFactor1, on drums.  "Sick" is their debut EP.

     "Sicko" gets the party started in killer fashion, with a guitar lick that soon invites everyone else to join!  Jeremy can sing any style, and it starts to come out on track one!  David Adams from "One Pretty Minute" makes a guest appearance as well, as they belt out lyrics such as, "Close my eyes and breathe, sigh of ecstasy".

     "Burn" starts out with an synthesized effect, almost as if birds are chirping, but with a more melancholy tone which soon picks up.  The drumbeat at times is reminiscent of Metallica's "One".  I challenge you to sit still during "The Withering"!  This was used in the EP teaser, with a guitar lead in to almost galloping type drumbeats.  The mood is set during the bridge, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, something lost, something found, something dead, in the ground."

     "Mouth to Mouth" is pretty disturbing if you listen to the words - definitely a love song gone wrong!  It appears to be the voice of a madman singing to his dead love, who he now must bury AGAIN!  "I'll put you right back where I found you, in the dirt the first time that I buried you."  The guitar almost spirals as if someone is slowly going crazy, and at the end the shovel is heard doing the task.  "Leeches" has a lead in almost worthy of being an instrumental on its own, but soon Jeremy starts belting out lyrics almost at the speed of an auctioneer.

     "Sick" is going in my collection without a doubt!  You can keep up with Skekzi at:

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